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10-Mar-2016 07:08

A story called "Zoned," for example — told in five comic book pages and fewer than a dozen cells — looks at the complicated role of foreign trade zones in the international garment trade.

(These zones allow companies to keep prices low, since goods that are moved through them don't accrue tariffs.) It's a simple, graphic depiction of something that could otherwise take several thousand words to explain.

Well-meaning nonprofits geared at eradicating human trafficking (many funded, in part, by the garment trade) succeed in getting some women out of prostitution.

But once they're out, often the only professional choice they have is the garment industry."Sex trafficking happens, no question," Moore says.

Images are deleted by the site once the model has been chosen, lest any data might ever escape that reveals a user submitted an image of his best friend’s sister, or worse, his own sister. One female writer gave it a shot, saying that she was “underwhelmed” with the results.

One interesting point raised, concerning matters of privacy, is that from the database of 180,000 performers a doppelganger might actually end up being the real person.

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Trump scoffed and said, “Don’t worry, we have some pretty smart people working for us, too.” OK, Donald, I thought, have it your way. I asked professor Eric Schickler, who is the chairman of Travers Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. “The conventional understanding of impeachment is that it is due to actions taken while in office.

At CEOP we have seen an increase in cases of sexual abuse which takes place solely online.